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What You Should Look For When Getting A Condo? January 23, 2018

Whether you are buying or leasing out a condo, you need to ensure that you look for the most important requirements in house. Most often people are not exactly aware of all the aspects that they should look for in a condo. So here are some things that people who live in flats believe you should look out for! 

The windows and doors cost a fortune! 

Most of the time when we go looking for homes to buy or lease, we ignore the doors and the windows. But according to most of those people who live in flats, they agreed that fixing the windows and door cost them a fortune and also a lot of time! You need to ensure that all the locks are working properly. And also the windows on the condo open up properly and are fixed to the frame properly. Because there are some condo owners who get a cheap job done, but finally it ends up in the wrong state and hence the tenant will only realize it after renting or leasing it out! 

Look for the termites and wet patches 

Always be wary of the termites and wet patches when it comes to a flat. Especially in a flat structure if proper separations were not used between the different condos, then you will have the problem of sound escaping your condo and disturbing others around you. And there might even be instances, where you will be disturbed by others. In most cases you cannot get rid of the wet patches in a condo. So avoid getting such a place. Even if the Repulse bay apartments rent is a little bit higher the condos are excellent! 

Leaks are almost impossible to make 

In most flats or condos that is built according to the latest technologies hardly have the leakage problem! But if they do have a leakage spot on the condo don’t go for it.  Because in most cases leaks in a condo are almost impossible to make! The kennedy road apartments that have a luxurious condo and are in excellent maintenance conditions. Most condos that are not well known can have problems not visible. So you need to check well for leaks especially, by looking for wet spots.  


When residing in a condo, your neighbours have more interaction with you. You therefore need to ensure that you go to a condo with good tenants in it. You will be able to decide on the kind of neighbours you will get by looking at the condition of the building itself! But before you actually take the place it is best that you just try to make some small talk with the immediate neighbours to see the kind they are. 

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