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The Habits We Cannot Let Go From Our Lives July 17, 2017

Today, the world has become a very busy place that we don’t have time to visit someone, spend vacation, try new things, attend important events or get along with our own families and friends let alone talk to each other. The communication with each other has limited to quick texts and commenting on the photos that posted on social media. The scientists are working on the new technologies that the world would become even smaller with new inventions and new communication methods. But in the past, it was a big deal to talk to someone who lives far away, as the telephones were not available back then. But we used to send letters to each other and hoping for a reply back. Even now, we can’t seem to let go that old habit. Do we?

Still in touch withWe’re still in touch with the old ways. Because we can’t seem to let go of the good feel we received out of them. Some people love to collect old stuff. And maybe create new things out of them just like a modern teachers stamps. And maybe making a living out of them. No matter how much the world try to touch the limits of advanced technology, we still love the old ways and recreate them and maybe buy them. Even we thought there isn’t a market for old classic things, there’s a huge crowd who love those things proving the fact that things come around again and again just like “fashion”.

Commercialized world

As said before, the world has commercialized to a point, that we could hold business meetings from the home via video calls, yet we still use company stamps. This proves that no matter the digital world evolves day by day, we still used to old methods as they are safe and confidential. Sending important documents via mail is something you will think as old fashion, but still is a safe system than other things. And also we love to send nice things like surprise gifts to one another via mail as nothing can compare to the good vibes we receive when something comes from post.

Proving the point

So this proves the point that, no matter the technology get evolves, as the new generation, even we can’t seem to let go of old ways. Some kids love to collect stamps and make albums out of them. In this way, at least we can’t forget the fact that, everything has a history which made from the scratch.