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Improve Your Brand With These Digital Marketing Strategies August 14, 2017

With the dawn of the 21st century, we have seen many interesting introductions that are for the most part, technologically related. Of these, digital marketing is one that has undeniably carved out a niche for itself, and is now firmly embedded in our lives. Whether we are on the giving or the receiving end, digital marketing has undoubtedly made a resounding impact, and is only growing from strength-to-strength as we speak. It is therefore unsurprising that most companies today are focused on improving their digital marketing approach. They want to stay above and ahead of everyone else, and to do so, it is more important than ever to think innovatively. Here are a few ideas to help steer your brand in the right direction.


 Ever since its debut, live streaming has taken the world over by storm. This is mainly because no matter where in the world one might be, they are able to log into an event of their preference and be a part of it as though they were there in person. Of course this means that organisations need to invest in reliable and quality production houses to ensure it goes off without a hitch, but the investment is utterly worth it. Today’s consumer likes to be involved, and liv streaming is an excellent way to get them participating. No matter if it is a musical show, sports event or a product launch, live streaming can be used for a host of reasons, in a multitude of ways with different goals.


 There are a ridiculous number of digital marketing platforms today, a majority of which includes social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest and so on. Each of these have their own pros and cons, so it is important to remember that just because they are all available, not all will be right for you. For some brands, Instagram and Snapchat might be key players as they are more inclined towards visual appeal and of course what is now known as ephemeral content (disappearing content). Facebook is for more descriptive posts, organising events etc. Whilst it is smart to mix-and-match accordingly, it is necessary to understand what fits your requirements the best.


If you do not have a digital marketing team in-house, or if you do but cannot afford to get a content writer on board, why not hire one on freelance basis? Would it not be terrible to have your carefully and thoughtfully crafted ad published, only to find out the tagline has been misspelt? You will also need to release blogs and articles periodically, so you will need someone who is well-versed in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and of course has a way with words. You could even look at enlisting a content marketing company Hong Kong to help. At the end of the day, paying attention-to-detail goes a long way, especially since customers these days are ready to pounce on just about anything.


Obviously do not plagiarise or pick someone’s brains outright, but come up with original, fresh ideas of your own. Keep tabs on your competition at all times. Monitor their social media platforms and ad campaigns. Especially the ones who seem to be doing quite well. After all, if they are doing well, then that must mean they are doing something right? You can discover a lot simply by monitoring their strategies. You might even find out what not to do in the process. Consider it a learning curve of sorts.