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What To Expect On Your First Year As An Entrepreneur, And How To Handle It? August 22, 2017

What is entitled for entrepreneurs in their very first year? What would they commonly face? How do they get through those issues? If you are plagued with these questions, then the blow is exclusively for you…

 You’ll be spending heavily

It should be of no surprise to you that you will be spending heavily as an entrepreneur. After all, the first year especially is for laying out the foundation and employing the right people for the jobs. So it’s inevitable that you will be spending. But it helps a great deal if you now what you need to spend on immediately, and what you can spend on a little later. Do your research on this. Make a financial plan. Earmark money for the important things such as most reliable company registration fees and taxes so you don’t get stuck when you eventually have to spend on it. Keep proper accounts for everything you spend and keep a close watch on how much “loose money” you have in your pockets.

 You’ll be missing dates, effecting your relationships

Unfortunately, this is something that has to be expected as the path to open a company or business of your own is pretty brutal. But humans are social creatures, and often draw comfort and strength from friends and family. Don’t alienate your “inner circle”. Let them know beforehand that you might be unavailable; but make an effort to keep in touch with them once in a while at the very least. It also helps if you can be organized and punctual; using your time affectively will not only help you salvage your relationships, it will also see your company or business to success in a shorter period of time

 Your health may get affected

Running yourself to the ground seems to be a requirement of new entrepreneurs; but we don’t believe in it. If your health fails you, you’ll find that it’s harder to concentrate on your business venture; and this inevitably will put barricades on your way to success. So try and keep healthy. Eat well; home cooked meals when ever possible. We know loosing sleep is inevitable; so get 7 to 9 hours of sleep whenever you can. Do power naps. Exercise regularly and aim to wake up with the sun. trust us, this earlier start on the day will help you make the most of your time. This way, you’ll also guarantee that you sleep early; and not sabotaging your immune system. One more thing that helps a great deal is hiring help from an early point. Don’t wait until you are over your head to hire an accountant or secretary…

 You might feel like you’re not going anywhere

Not a lot of business people and entrepreneurs see success in the very first year. In fact, we consider it the foundation year. So keep yourself motivated. Set yourself (and your employees) short term goals. See that you meet them. Have people who motivate you surround you. Trust us, having someone sheering on you while you drag yourself through the first year helps a great deal more than you think…

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Improve Your Brand With These Digital Marketing Strategies August 14, 2017

With the dawn of the 21st century, we have seen many interesting introductions that are for the most part, technologically related. Of these, digital marketing is one that has undeniably carved out a niche for itself, and is now firmly embedded in our lives. Whether we are on the giving or the receiving end, digital marketing has undoubtedly made a resounding impact, and is only growing from strength-to-strength as we speak. It is therefore unsurprising that most companies today are focused on improving their digital marketing approach. They want to stay above and ahead of everyone else, and to do so, it is more important than ever to think innovatively. Here are a few ideas to help steer your brand in the right direction.


 Ever since its debut, live streaming has taken the world over by storm. This is mainly because no matter where in the world one might be, they are able to log into an event of their preference and be a part of it as though they were there in person. Of course this means that organisations need to invest in reliable and quality production houses to ensure it goes off without a hitch, but the investment is utterly worth it. Today’s consumer likes to be involved, and liv streaming is an excellent way to get them participating. No matter if it is a musical show, sports event or a product launch, live streaming can be used for a host of reasons, in a multitude of ways with different goals.


 There are a ridiculous number of digital marketing platforms today, a majority of which includes social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest and so on. Each of these have their own pros and cons, so it is important to remember that just because they are all available, not all will be right for you. For some brands, Instagram and Snapchat might be key players as they are more inclined towards visual appeal and of course what is now known as ephemeral content (disappearing content). Facebook is for more descriptive posts, organising events etc. Whilst it is smart to mix-and-match accordingly, it is necessary to understand what fits your requirements the best.


If you do not have a digital marketing team in-house, or if you do but cannot afford to get a content writer on board, why not hire one on freelance basis? Would it not be terrible to have your carefully and thoughtfully crafted ad published, only to find out the tagline has been misspelt? You will also need to release blogs and articles periodically, so you will need someone who is well-versed in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and of course has a way with words. You could even look at enlisting a content marketing company Hong Kong to help. At the end of the day, paying attention-to-detail goes a long way, especially since customers these days are ready to pounce on just about anything.


Obviously do not plagiarise or pick someone’s brains outright, but come up with original, fresh ideas of your own. Keep tabs on your competition at all times. Monitor their social media platforms and ad campaigns. Especially the ones who seem to be doing quite well. After all, if they are doing well, then that must mean they are doing something right? You can discover a lot simply by monitoring their strategies. You might even find out what not to do in the process. Consider it a learning curve of sorts.

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Business Films Helps In Building Positive Image Of A Firm August 10, 2017

“Susane runs her own boutique, where she designs customizes dresses for females. When she was given the option to create a film on her work, she was negative about the idea. She thought that this will negatively impact her business. But, then after a lot of effort made by her friend to create the film, she agreed on the idea. Her friend John made a film about her small business and showed everything like how she designs the dress and what other good things about her business are.

The film was not very long, as her business too was not very big. So, after getting the video, what she did as her first step is, she posted it on YouTube and shared it with her friends. Slowly that video started attracting more customers. With this latest marketing tool, right now Susane is doing extremely well in her business and getting good number of clients.”

Her friend John too developed his skill and now he is a commercial video developer and has a corporate video production house. Visit http://www.axisstudio.com.hk/service 

So, this is the story of Sunsane, who enhanced her business by using the right tool at the right point of time. And it is not like Sushane is only one who has got benefits from corporate videos, just like her, there are many present.

The corporate videos help business houses in a number of ways. Some of them are:

It helps the enterprises to train their staff, with the help of corporate video, they are able to show their staff the actual pictures of the site and how the work is done.

The videos help higher authorities of the business to give a presentation to their clients. By showing the videos to the client they elaborate them how the work is done in their organizations and how they are different from the others.

The video is uploaded on the website of the company and it helps the companies in two ways, first, it helps in improving the ranking of the site on Google raking, and second it engages audiences. The videos are more engaging than the written content.

The video can be uploaded to the various social networking sites to attract and promote the work of an organization as well as to create the positive image of the organization.

So, these are some of the benefits of videos and this is how it helps the companies to create a positive image. However, when it comes to creating a good video, proper post production services are also required.

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